Blogging Tools: How to Find What to Write About

Before we go into the details on how to find what to write about, let’s just jump back to another post, and remember that you should be using an editorial calendar. Using an editorial calendar makes blogging so much easier. Even with a calendar set up with topics and dates, bloggers often fall into bloggers block! Here are some tools to help you find what to blog about.

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Scheduling your posts

Your editorial calendar should not only be about titles, and dates, it should represent a certain pattern too. Your readers should come to expect and look for your posts on certain days about certain topics. For example, Monday’s could be How-to’s, Tuesday’s industry news, Wednesday’s Tips and Tools, Thursday’s book/product reviews or interviews, and Fridays something light and funny right before the weekend. Following this repetitive scheduling makes it easier for you to find what to write about.

What are other bloggers writing?

Do you have a feed set up so that you can see what other influential bloggers are writing about in you niche? You should. Setting up a feed is simple. You can use Google reader, or rss feeds. Go over what they are writing, look to see if you can debate one of them or find what they have missed on a particular idea or product.

How to Find What to Write About: Curate

A huge trend in media today is curated content. I don’t know if curating your blog posts everyday is something that I would suggest, but once a week it works. Great places to look for curated information are:

Content Generator Google Doc

I am not sure where I found this or who introduced me to it (sorry I can’t give credit), but this is a great tool to use. Just copy the document and save it with a new name. Here is the link to the content generator document. In the B3 field, just add in your search query or keyword.

 Writers Block |tips and tools

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Wondering where to find inspiration? Find out what is trending!

Trending topics might just be that boost that your blog is looking for. To find out what is trending now, live, in real-time, check out and which is an amazing new tool (free)!

After watching this video, I am sure that you will be inspired to find great new leads on post topics for your blog. Don’t forget to then blast your blog post on FB and Twitter using trending relevant hashtags.

If you have any tips on how to find what to write about, please share them with us.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging Tools: How to Find What to Write About

  1. A great article, thanks. I find setting up Google Alerts for certain subjects of interest to me or my readers is one other way. Also it can be helpful to keep in mind Real World events and have your calendar send you a reminder in advance of them for example, if you write about Apple technology it helps to have a heads-up reminder that WWDC was this week and to be prepared with time blocked off to research then write about it.

  2. Hi Shari, thanks for the great tips – they’re really helpful.
    I agree with Jonathon – using Google Alerts is a great way to find new topics to write. I can easily get tons of content to write about using the alerts.
    I doubt your Content Generator Document can actually help me – I mostly found topics from News in there which are not quite related to Technology but I mostly write about software and technology stuff.

    I’ve two more tips to share:
    1. News: One can constantly monitor what’s going on in his field of interest by keeping an eye on News.
    2. Social Networks: Social Networks are not only fun but also a great tool to make connections and find content to write. One can simply subscribe the pages of products, companies, etc. and get to know when they do something new.

    What’s your thoughts?

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